Our story

 - Hidden Retreats
Hidden Retreats concept was conceived many years before it opened in 2016, when I first visited the hill on which it is located on as a young teenager - a hill which has been ‎part of our family history for many years. Indeed a hill where our father would play hide and seek behind the olive tree perched at its highest point when he too was a young boy.
It is a structure inspired by our love for our island and its unique beauty, our passion for hospitality and for high standards of personalised service, and our desire to showcase those qualities to the soul traveller looking for a secluded destination off the beaten track.
 - Hidden Retreats
Nestled seamlessly into the hillside, each retreat blends discreetly into the natural landscape, respectful of the surrounding environment and each provides its own unique window into a different aspect - sea, valley; blue, green and offers a haven for the soul traveller seeking solace.
Our open air theatre situated in the middle of the complex, provides a home for local cultural experiences or can be used as a hub. All the embodiment of goals and ideals which launched the concept in the first place.
It is our privilege to welcome you to experience the serenity, belonging and tranquillity of Kythera - marking the beginning of your love affair with our island.