An Eco Retreat
Our Astarti Hidden Retreats team, from initial planning, designing and building, through to the operation and administration of the project has aimed at incorporating green practices. We deemed it fundamentally important to maintain a balance between the structural elements and the natural environment in order to maintain the local ecosystem e.g. in the use of local stone and natural building materials.

Bioclimatic Design and Building
The orientation of the buildings, insulation techniques, glass panels and skylights maximizing natural light infiltration and fresh air, solar panels for hot water, LED lighting, biological waste systems are just some of the key elements employed

Responsible Tourism - Our Commitment
Our Green Team aims to ensure that our guests enjoy the refined comforts of each retreat to the maximum but at the same time we encourage guests to join us in implementing the energy saving devices, water conservation and recycling practices in place. We ensure that toiletries are either organic or natural products and cleaning products used are certified non-toxic and biodegradable.