Kythera is located between the southern tip of the Peloponnese and Crete where the waves of three seas wash upon the island’s coastline. A mere 40 minutes by plane from Athens, about 6 hours by road and ferry via the Peloponnese (Yithion or Neapoli) and 8 hours direct by sea from the port of Piraeus.
HIDDEN TREASURES - Hidden Retreats


We will not divulge all the secrets of this mystic isle at this juncture - that is for you to explore and discover should you so wish. Suffice to say that if you are a nature lover nature is all around you. If you are a walker there are wonderful trails to follow; if you are a lover of the sea there are beautiful beaches for swimming, snorkelling, fishing and boating. Should you be an avid historian there are monuments to see, castles to explore, archaeological sites to visit; if you are keen in pursuing local religious traditions you will be amazed with the number of ancient churches that exist on the island and the religious festivals that are devoutly held. Gourmets too will not be dissatisfied with the cooking skills and traditional foods of Kythera’s local gastronomy.
Meet the people, live the culture, love the island……
NATURE’S PATHS - Hidden Retreats


Explore our District - walking tour
Our location is perfect for the walker, the rambler, the hiker. Choose your degree of difficulty and discover the beaches of Plateia Ammos and Fourni close by. Hike out to the British built lighthouse of Moudari ; follow the lush gully with its many fresh water springs -- Korkodilos, Krioneri, the celebrated spring of Portokalia in the midst of orange groves, Amir Ali - yet another legendry spot on our local map and further upstream fill your water bottle with the cold spring water from Keramari. . Discover the abandoned water mills from yonder days. Walk the cobbled roads and explore the sad ruins of abandoned homes in our picturesque village of Karavas.

Explore Our District - driving tour
Drive to the superb beach of Agios Nikolaos. Explore the villages of Diakopoulianika, Broggi, the densely forested area of Yerakari, the wilderness of Kalakathi. Visit the church of Panagia Despina sited at one of the most stunning locations on the island.
The choices are endless and then of course the whole island awaits you….